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Welcome to the World of “Cold Chain Free™” Antibodies


StableBody Services

By utilizing StableBody Services, the Biopharma industry can improve the stability properties for longer shelf life, equal or greater affinity, elevated working temperatures, which are Cold Chain Free™.

The StableBody BioDesign™ System displaces the need for cold chain requirements. It does so through a set of unique and proprietary technology of algorithms that utilizes a computer-assisted library of amino acid combinations and substitutions that, when rearranged systematically, work to produce a thermally stable product that is Cold Chain Free™ 

StableBody Products

StableBody Introduces a Next Generation Anti-CD45 scFv Reagent Product

When compared to monoclonal antibodies used in clinical applications, StableBody scFvs offer:


Improved Stability

Longer shelf life, elevated working
temperatures, and eliminated
cold chain storage (Cold Chain Free™) & distribution

Improved Performance

Increased sensitivity and increased specificity

Improved Efficiencies

Reduced costs due to shorter development times, reduced time to market, and reduced reagent usage


Optimizing Protein Stability and Function

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The Future of Single-Chain Antibody Fragments (scFvs)

StableBody Technologies LLC has developed an elegantly simple, yet incredibly powerful method to design, engineer, and

produce large numbers of structurally and functionally improved single-chain antibody fragments (scFvs).

This disruptive core technology can be directly applied to unmet protein engineering needs in many markets, including:

  • stabilized protein kits for clinical diagnostics which can be shipped/stored at ambient temperatures

  • more potent therapeutic proteins to improve treatment efficacy

  • research markets

  • diagnostic markets

  • reduce reagent costs

  • extension to existing patents

  • improved biothreat or environmental testing kits for defense applications

  • these scFv reagents are cold chain free