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Our Mission


We Develop Cold Chain Free™ Thermally Stable, High Affinity scFv Antibodies

StableBody Technologies, LLC (SBT) is a privately held protein engineering company based in Madison, WI. 

The Biopharma industry using temperature-sensitive drugs, vaccines, diagnostics, and blood products, is enjoying strong growth in product development and expanding market sales. Yet, the industry is confronted with rising cost pressures from payers worldwide. It costs more to keep products at refrigerated or at frozen temperatures than it does to keep them at uncontrolled ambient (room temperature) conditions. There is more to pack and transport them cold, and more to be able to demonstrate by process qualification or by measurement of each shipment that the products stay cold.

“Cold-Chain” is often the recommended temperature-controlled supply chain, from the point of manufacture to the end-user. Freezers, coolers, warehouse and working room HVAC systems, transportation vehicles, and incremental utility expenses are examples of the cold-chain handling system necessary to assure a product’s efficacy. When any part of the cold-chain continuum lapses, products must be destroyed since performance is risked.

Wouldn’t it be nice if one could develop drugs that did not require refrigeration? That is the mission of StableBody Technologies, LLC. The StableBody BioDesign™ system allows a new paradigm for the design and generation of cost-efficient Cold Chain Free™ reagents to be realized.

Put simply; the StableBody BioDesign™ System displaces the need for cold chain requirements. It does so through a set of unique and proprietary technology of algorithms that utilizes a computer-assisted library of amino acid combinations and substitutions that, when rearranged systematically, work to produce a thermally stable product that is Cold Chain Free™.

By contracting with StableBody, the Biopharma industry can improve the stability properties for longer shelf life, equal or greater affinity, elevated working temperatures, which are Cold Chain Free™. For companies that are experiencing patent expiration, StableBody by creating a Cold Chain Free™ version will extend the patent life of their product.

StableBody is committed to become an industry leader for the stabilization and affinity optimization of proteins, for applications in clinically relevant biomarker detection and treatment, environmental and bio-threat detection and countermeasures. Such proteins include antibodies generally found in the blood that detect and destroy invaders, like bacteria and viruses.

StableBody is focused on the development of stable and affinity optimized clinically relevant scFvs. SBT addresses the generation of engineered proteins through the use of a proprietary algorithm for generating specific, high affinity and stable scFvs to clinically relevant biomarkers. 

Utilizing Our Core Platform Technology

  • To improve protein thermodynamic stability to extend product shelf life and reduce costs

  • To allow protein/kit storage and use in a wider range of temperature conditions

  • To eliminate cold chain (refrigeration/freezing) issues for shipping and storage

  • To improve protein binding properties for higher sensitivity and specificity in detection kits

  • To reduce reagent usage due to improved protein properties thereby reducing the costs of goods sold

  • To improve manufacturing efficiencies for shorter production times, higher yields and lowering cost

  • To reduce research, development and manufacturing costs to bring products to market faster